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I'm an administrator for Oracle® databases specialized in administrating databases  systems on Solaris™ operating systems and Linux plattforms. I have a deep knowlege of the Oracle database system based on more then 11 years experience with customer projects. I live in Cologne, Germany and work as a freelancer.

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Advanced functions of SQL Developer

SQL Developer is a graphical version of SQL*Plus. It is principally used by database developers for writing complex SQL and PL/SQL statements. The article gives an overview of the SQL Developer functions and deals with advanced functions. It shows how SQL Developer 1.5 can migrate a third party Database to an Oracle® Database and how to analyse the migrated database with graphical reports. read more

Partitioning a question of the right strategy

The partitionig option is an essential option of the database for the administration of huge amounts of data. The difficulty of partioning is to choose a proper strategy for the design of the partitions. This article shows...
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